A Valuable Holiday in Magelang

            The Last_end year's holiday was very pleasant. Our family  went to the city of   Statue and find the interest other thing name the “Bahasa”  village in Magelang, Central Java. We were interested in going there because of curiosity about the olearning concept that they offered. Studiing english quickly and pleasantly.

Bahasa Village, Magelang

Berpose di depan pintu masuk.
Dokumen pribadi

"Mah, what is the most difficult lesson?" Aliandra asked
"Mathematics!" I replied quickly
"Well, Pah. What is the most difficult lesson?" Aliandra asked
"English." The fastest answer from Papa.

Yes! English language is a nightmare for some people. I also felt that, even though I was more courageous to speak than my husband. The various ways we do it at home, so that our English language skills are better. Well, the idea of going to a Bahasa village is one that we did for that.

We traveled to the Language village for two hours. To find the fastest route, we just have to search through the Ggoogle map search engine. And we were very happy, it turned out that the location passed the very famous Borobudur temple. So we also plan to visit Borobudur after finishing from the village of Bahasa.

The time is 11 o'clock in the afternoon. Large trees and slightly overcast weather make the “syahdu” and cool air. We were accepted by Mr. Budi who invited us to look at his lodging. Incidentally, there was a program running, so I also saw how they learned to memorize regular and irregular verb by singing. Wow, that was fun! Guess who the participants of the event were? There are children in grades 3 and there are parents who are in their 30-40s age old. There are Totally 20 person and they all studied, sang and participated in holiday activities with a team from the Bahasa village.

Bahasa villages offer learning packages for 6 and 10 days. Participants will be provided for all stays and consumption during the activity. You have to prepare enough money to pay for it all. I think it's enought, not too expensive. Considering lodging facilities, consumption fees and teaching fees. And for the 10-day package, we will also enjoy a tour in the Magelang area and talk directly with foreigners in Borobudur. Come on, aren't you ready?
The first thing that is taught is the speaking. Everyone who join the program should speak English. No need to be shy, wrong or right in pronunciation. In fact, to buy snacks at the canteen, the staff will also serve in English. Dont worry to be bored. They will be taught full English during the day with a fun learning method. From the testimonies of the participants, it turns out that by participating in 10 days of study, they will completed the English learning curriculum that should teach for 3 years. Wow, cool!

Instagramable spot in Bahasa Village
After finishing looking around and a little wefie, we said goodbye and go to other place.

Borobudur Temple

           We came out from the language village around 2pm. Enough time to go to Borobudur Temple, because Borobudur temple is closed at 5pm. After completing the dhuhur prayer, we bought an entrance ticket and immediately headed to the largest temple in Indonesia.
The Famous and Biggest temple in Indonesia

           We are very happy to be there, the location is very wide and there are lots of statues. To reach the top, we have to walk_climb the temple, crowded with many people who at that time also visited Borobudur temple. We spent a lot of time at the top of the temple. Once satisfied, we went down and headed for the exit. We could see elephants in another location towards the exit. My twin daughter was very happy to see the animal. 

             Because we are tired of walking, we decide to take the train or exactly the odong-odong car to get to the exit gate. It's quite fun, because we go through a rotating route and can see that it turns out that the location is very wide. 

         Arriving at the outside door, there is a Borobudur museum. We went straight in and saw mini stones, which might have been slightly damaged from Borobudur, placed regularly in the museum. In the middle there is a main building like Pragola. At the corner, there is a reflection of fish. And of course we spend a lot of time looking at the little fish that bite us. It feels amusing and funny.

Half an hour later, we go out because we have to pursue Ashar prayer. Yes, and this is a valuable holiday experience. 

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Sri Untari mengatakan...

nice share sist, i'll keep this information for my family. anyway, my kid learn english from youtube channel much better than from me, hihi

Vita Pusvitasari mengatakan...

Wah goog job writing in English, is very nice, i'm good well with conversation english and in writing vocabulary have forget heuheu

utari ninghadiyati mengatakan...

Love this article. I hope someday can be there, again.

Dewi Rieka mengatakan...

Asyik, akhirnya main ke Desa Bahasa ya. Aku pengen ngajak Nailah ke Pare buat short course semoga ada rezekinya aamiin

Arina Mabruroh mengatakan...

Then I remember how we got some experiences at Desa Bahasa Borobudur two years ago. it was very unfogettable moment. so luvly!

Dini Rahmawati mengatakan...

Anakku juga nagih mbak kuajak sekali ke Desa Bahasa trus pengen lagi. Eh, sekarang homestay nya juga udah baru dan sangat nyaman

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