How to Decide The Perfect Education Subject For You?

Future decision maker skills

Everyone has their own reason to choose the subject in education. Since it divided by two major, natural and social science, you could choose which one is suit to you. Here are tips to find the perfect science for you.

First, Understand the science. Two major division of science has it own characteristic. Natural science is the disciplines designed to understand and predict the natural environment. The common subject are biological, geography, physics, math, chemistry. Natural science  is everything related to human society that been understand by observation and empirical based approach. The example of social science are psychology, sociology, history, etc.

Second, Find your best ability. The perfect match of career is built by proper job environment and capacity. The best capacity are created by performance and ability of the person to fulfill the work indicator.  So to get the best performance you should use all of your ability whether ini social or natural subject. So the best way to start is understand which subject you could do the most.


Third. Pick the subject in “SMART” way. Smart are composed by S-M-A-R-T. S is for Specific ; M for Measurable; A for Achievable; R for Realistic and T for Time bound. The more specific, detail, could be achieve in realistic way for you and what time could you achieve is the best way to select the subject. For example, choice of subject is begin on the high school degree. Before it, every student should understand what is their dream specifically. In other words,  the dream (of future job) should be smart and clear enough to imagine.

Finally, understanding of appropriate subject to fulfill our future job is the best way to select what major we will take. And for the complement, the major should by benefit not only for the person but should be to all mankind to enrich the goodness of life. It becomes outcome of what your benefit on life goals.

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