Why Higher Education Is Important To You?


Achievement with higher education

Have the higher education standard is important aspect in the modern life. It is directly connected with the quality of life that composed by physical and psychological satisfaction.  It can be reach with the good life. The good life has the combination of health and also economic factor. So these  are  idealistic and optimistic views of people that to have meaning full life we also have to prepare our quality. The education world teach the people with since that could enrich the quality of life.

Life in higher education environment give the idea to scale up the life. There are two reason of it, first is a chance to have broader knowledge and enrich our cognitive ability that will produce the critical thinking process. The second one is the pathway to feel the challenging world and then had a much idealistic decision making.  

Nowadays, We are live in the challenging world with bigger technology information influence in all of life aspect. As young people should catch up the change and transform become  flexible  generation. Live in anywhere and work in everywhere. This need  the  intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacity. To enhance the capacity, university has the main role to provide the future environment through the education simulation.

It is also important for the university to change the curriculum thought it could match with the industrial need. In freedom education philosophy, college student are allowed to enrich their knowledge outside the classroom. Whether through international collaboration seminar, field trip to the real industry or join the exchange program. The university must acknowledge this experience become a credit system on semester. So in the last, classroom method will only last for minimum ways to share the science.

In conclusion, the main purpose of higher education in university is to prepare student for real life, give them enough resources to face the challenge and success in the next career. In order to do that, university mush change the education concept and more stress on the practical aspect to catch up the work needs.

Best Regards,

Yuli Arinta Dewi

Semarang City, May 24 2011

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Mechta mengatakan...

Seringkali dunia kerja juga memberi kesempatan lebih kpd mereka yg mempunya tk pendidikan lebih tinggi ya mba.. jenjang karir bisa lebib mulus hehe..
tapi tetap saja sebaiknya ada dampam positif pendidikan tinggi ke pribadi orangnya jangan sampai swperti yg sering sikeluhkan, pendidikan tinggi tapi tak diikuri dg norma2 yg benar..hehe..

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