IQ Differences between Identical Twins

Two identical twins raised in different countries have an enormous IQ difference, according to scientists. Maybe it's time for me to set up some study to determine whether identical twins raised in the same environment have different IQs. When my twins, who are now 8 years old, entered the second grade in elementary school, this concern particularly surfaced. The separation for twins is required by institutions for the purpose to maximize students' potential. Consequently, Marwa is in class 2B and Shafa is in class 2C. Despite the fact that they attend the same school, they undoubtedly have distinct friends and homeroom teachers as well as accompanying teachers.

I was shocked by what happened when I received a report card yesterday. It comes out that both have had the identical total value, 95.9. Despite the fact that each subject's worth varies. But it displays a nearly identical IQ number. Only yesterday accomplished the second occurrence happened. They join part in "Ramadan games Rank 1" while studying. Every class has a different setting, but the inquiries are always the same. They revealed to me after school that they were the only remaining girls in each section. (knockout game). And strangely, they failed an answer to the final query as well.
Do they have the same IQ assuming they went to the same family's education and had the same upbringing? Does the
IQ difference between twins depend on factors such as instructors, friends, or class? It's still unclear. Want to cautiously try?

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